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Sarah & Nick / Elopement in Brooklyn, NY / 06.17.15

Jackie Tran

Back in October of 2014, I received an email from across the world from a bride who wanted to elope in New York the following summer. 

Her name is Sarah. His, Nick. Sarah works for Etsy and is a fellow avid floral lover and Nick has a real love for bikes. They were to be traveling from Australia, getting hitched in NYC and continuing a honeymoon with a bit of time here and the rest on the west coast.

She wanted a lush bouquet for herself and a green garland for the ceremony area - a small rooftop in Greenpoint, with Manhattan as the backdrop. I was happy to oblige. Aside from her lovely disposition and simple, but very tasteful requests for her florals, I get over the top excited when I hear of elopements. I think it's ABSOLUTELY the most romantic way to get married. 

Cut to their actual elopement in June. Some of their closest family and friends found out about their plans and immediately made their plans to join them. So on June 17th, there they a place that was unfamiliar to them but surrounded by familiar people who loved them, getting married to each other in such a simple, yet beautiful and significant way.

I think their elopement was damn near perfect, if not actually so.

© Stylish and Hip Weddings

© Stylish and Hip Weddings

And not only that - Sarah, Nick and I became fast friends, taking trips to the flower market and seeing fireworks on a roof over Fourth of July together. Sarah told me that I made a few of her dreams come true during her time in NYC. I'm just happy to be a part of this dreamy time in their lives. Come back to NYC soon, you beautiful people! I miss you, really.

Photography: Stylish and Hip Weddings. More photos of the handsome couple here:

Photography: Stylish and Hip Weddings. More photos of the handsome couple here:

Lisa & Dan, April 13th 2014, Battery Park NY

Jackie Tran

Lisa and Dan got married earlier this year at Battery Gardens, a waterfront restaurant with panoramic views of the East and Hudson River in Battery Park. 

Lisa wanted something classic and romantic but with a punch of color so we decided on big, pretty blooms that could stand on their own such as coral peonies, blush garden roses, and white french tulips. She also wanted to make sure we incorporated a special surprise into the reception for all of the guests: beautiful clay candle holders that she had made by hand in the months leading up to the wedding!

One thing to know about Lisa and Dan is that they are two of the most incredibly sweet people. They gave me an invitation to stay for the reception and celebrate with them so I was able to witness them get married, with the river's edge as their backdrop and the sun setting behind them. It was lovely. By the end of it all, it felt like we were friends. Lisa and Dan, thanks for giving me such a great experience at my first official wedding as a floral designer...I won't forget it.

Cheers you guys!

Photography: Breaking Fad

Marissa & Freya, September 21st 2013, Lake Luzerne NY

Jackie Tran


Meet Marissa and Freya. They got married last year at Lake Luzerne in upstate New York and here's their story...

It was sometime last summer and we were at dinner when Marissa, who is one of my very best friends, told me she wanted to marry Freya in a small intimate ceremony. The plan was to get a close-knit group of just 6 people together and spend the weekend up at Lake Luzerne, get married, and pause...keep it all a secret. 

At that point, they'd been engaged for quite some time and were waiting to have wedding receptions in both California (where Marissa is from) and Australia (where Freya is from) but based on how their lives were going, that plan just kept getting further and further away from them...then Section 3 of DOMA was overturned and timing felt right.

I was smitten with the idea. I'm quite a romantic and in my book, eloping is one of the most romantic things a couple can do. And then to get to witness and share this experience with two people whom I both love and adore, I was beyond excited and supportive. 

The morning of the wedding went as well as one would hope. We busted out some champagne, and as they started getting ready, Marissa's mom and I went into town to find some flowers. So on the afternoon of September 21st, 2013, Marissa and Freya were married in front of Lake Luzerne with a total of 6 witnesses - all good friends and both moms.

The weekend was full of relaxation, good food, lots of Cards Against Humanity, drunk baking of the wedding cakes, and so much laughter. This is what I really admire about Marissa & Freya's relationship - real love sometimes doesn't need all the fancy things, just a lot of heart. Congrats, you guys.

*Disclaimer - they finally announced the wedding to their family and friends! And yes, I was able to keep it a secret!

Hair: Mune Tran / Photography: DARLINGTON / Flowers: DARLINGTON