Jackie is based in Brooklyn, NY but always willing to travel. She's available for modest-sized floral projects on weddings, photo shoots, and other collaborative projects...and also as a hairdresser, she's also been known to style hair for special events.

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Brooklyn, NY


Flowers and Photography in Brooklyn, NY.

Lisa & Dan, April 13th 2014, Battery Park NY


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Lisa & Dan, April 13th 2014, Battery Park NY

Jackie Tran

Lisa and Dan got married earlier this year at Battery Gardens, a waterfront restaurant with panoramic views of the East and Hudson River in Battery Park. 

Lisa wanted something classic and romantic but with a punch of color so we decided on big, pretty blooms that could stand on their own such as coral peonies, blush garden roses, and white french tulips. She also wanted to make sure we incorporated a special surprise into the reception for all of the guests: beautiful clay candle holders that she had made by hand in the months leading up to the wedding!

One thing to know about Lisa and Dan is that they are two of the most incredibly sweet people. They gave me an invitation to stay for the reception and celebrate with them so I was able to witness them get married, with the river's edge as their backdrop and the sun setting behind them. It was lovely. By the end of it all, it felt like we were friends. Lisa and Dan, thanks for giving me such a great experience at my first official wedding as a floral designer...I won't forget it.

Cheers you guys!

Photography: Breaking Fad