Jackie is based in Brooklyn, NY but always willing to travel. She's available for modest-sized floral projects on weddings, photo shoots, and other collaborative projects...and also as a hairdresser, she's also been known to style hair for special events.

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p: 347.946.1160

Brooklyn, NY


Flowers and Photography in Brooklyn, NY.


For as long as she could remember, Jackie's had an interest in photography. It started when she was young, often picking up her dad's Nikon and playing with it. Her love for photography has since evolved into a romantic and sentimental notion. She embraces the ability to capture moments, which are fleeting, and be able to hold on to it in the form of a photograph.

Nowadays, her photography preferences haven't changed much. She's still a Nikon girl who loves to shoot with film, and has a great appreciation for a good black & white photograph.